Photography Blogs

This is a list of the photography blogs I regularly visit.

  • Stuck In Customs – Website of Trey Ratcliff, considered by many to be the king of HDR photography.  His site has some amazing pictures on it and a free HDR tutorial.
  • Mostly Lisa – Blog of Mostly Photo host and creator Lisa Bettany.  Excellent blog full of tips, great photos, and photography ideas.
  • Photo Walkthrough – This site features video tutorials which focus on the post-processing process.  The tutorials are done by photographer John Arnold.  They focus on Photoshop and Lightroom but much of the information can be carried over to Photoshop Elements.
  • Peta Pixel – This blog focuses on interesting photography news of all sorts.
  • Confessions Of A Travel Junkie – Blog of Joseph Lenaschke, regular host on This Week in Photography which features some great photography and interesting posts.
  • The Digital Story – Photographer Derrick Story’s blog includes many helpful tips in the Photography Tips section.
  • Photoshop Disasters – Funny site which points out awful Photoshop jobs.
  • Catherine Hall – Blog of wedding photographer and TWit Photo host Catherine Hall
  • Digital Pro Talk – Great photography blog with great photos and descriptions of how the photos were taken.  Also regularly includes links to lots of good photography articles from other sites.

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