Photography themes

One way I’ve found to get myself out shooting more photos when I don’t have a particular reason to go out and take photos is to go out for a walk with a theme in my for my photos in mind.  For example, if it’s spring time and the neighborhood is full of flowers, I’ll go out for a walk and take nothing but flower shots.  Having one planned subject like this can help you to see photos that you might not have originally seen if you were out walking with no focus and the constraints of only shooting that specific thing can force you to be more creative in the pictures you do take instead of taking pictures of every single thing around you that you find interesting.  This can also help you to find interesting new photos in familiar places that you thought you had gotten every interesting possible picture out of already.  It doesn’t have to be just shooting one specific subject, either.  It could be going out and shooting only black and white photography or only HDR photography or even taking only long exposure shots.  Limiting yourself in these ways can not only help you discover new photos around you that you never knew were there but it can also help you improve your photography, both in terms of creativity and the repetition of taking the same type of photo over and over increasing your technical knowledge of how to make the shot look best.  Until next time, happy shooting.

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