Welcome to the land of photography

Welcome to my new website.  In the coming days, weeks, months you will find this page filled with photos, my thoughts on photography, ideas to make your photography better, and monkeys.  Seriously, who doesn’t love monkeys?  I am by no means a professional photographer but I hope to provide information that I have found extremely useful as I work on my own photography skills.

I started listening to photography podcasts before I purchased my first DSLR about a year ago.  I’ve also started reading blogs from several photographers whose work I enjoy.  A lot of it is great stuff but it is largely aimed at people who know their stuff already and like many areas of technology, it can get a little too technical for the “Average Joe” sometimes.  I plan to do the opposite, making things as simple as possible.  I plan to provide practical suggestions for improving your photography: ways to get motivated to take more and better photos, simple post-processing that assumes you have Picasa or maybe Photoshop Elements (not everyone has $600 to buy Photoshop), and insight into how I shot my best photos.

Check out my new Flickr site, it is also new.  I’m following the advice of one of the photographers from a podcast I listen to and only uploading one or two photos per day but making sure they’re quality photos.  Also, check the links page for some of my favorite photography related websites and podcasts.  Some of the info may be a little advanced for the beginner photographer but the information is really good.  Lastly, follow me on Twitter if you want to read about what I ate for lunch today.  Just kidding, I try to only post interesting things, so I won’t bother you with tweets about the pizza I had for lunch today.

Until we meet again, happy shooting!

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One Response to Welcome to the land of photography

  1. Wellcome to the world that is photo-blogging. Sounds like you have a good concept and a good idea of where you want to take your blog. Its hard to stay motovated but one you start getting views it and know people are seeing your work it pays off. If you need any help or in put feel free to shoot me any e-mail or just come my blog and leave a comment or question. You can do it.

    Mitchell Stevenson

    Stevenson Photography

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